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Shojiro Sugiyama

Shojiro Sugiyama was born in Tokyo in 1929. In 1954, after training in two other styles of karare, he began studying with the Japan Karate Association of Tokoyo (Yotsuya), Japan. He was invited to come to Chicago, U.S.A. to teach karate in 1963.

Through the late 60's and 70's, Sugiyama Sensei is credited with building and promoting Shotokan karate throughout the entire midwest region. Many of his orginal students have gone on to create their own dojos throughout Illinois, Indiana, Michigan and Wisconson.

In recent years, Sugiyama has increased his focus towards the use and development ki, in order to improve karate training and create a radar system for martial artists.

Sugiyama Sensei has also published multiple texts on karate.


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