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Chicago 2004 What is Kata
A Kata is a series of defensive and offensive moves against imaginary attacks from different directions. Also, a Kata includes many moves for phyusical exercise and for connection to subsequent moves rather than for actual applications.

Whay do you practice Kata?
You practice kata because of the the tension of fighting, it is difficult to maintain tranwuility in order to examine and understand the details of techniques during sparring. Therfore, Kata are made for internal study as well as for studying the detailsof the external movemenets.

What should you study (or show) in the performance of Kata?
The five elements of kata:

  • SHIN, imperturbable mental control
  • KI, the mental energy which is extended outward to infinity
  • RYOKU, the techniques which are focused and supported throughout the body.
  • Smoothness in coordination
  • Proper rhythm of the movements

    Excerpt from 25 Shotokan Kata by S. Sugiyama, copyright 1984























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